Housing Furnished Condos – Dry Cleaning

Q:How does the service work?
A:DFC will pick up your dry cleaning. Simply drop off your dry cleaning by your door during working hours. On the scheduled delivery day — we will pick up your dry cleaning and deliver it to your door. It’s simple!

Q:How do I pay?
A:You pay the DFC when you pick up your dry cleaning. You can pay by check or credit card. Credit card information will be kept on file to make paying easy!

Q:How much does it cost?
A:The custom dry cleaning bag requires a $5 non-refundable deposit. You will use your dry cleaning bag each time you use the service. Below is a general price list for the most commonly cleaned items. If you have a particular item not listed, please contact DFC for pricing.


Laundry Price List (tax not included):

Shirts $2.25

Blouses $3.99

Pants $3.99

Dresses $8.25

Skirt/Jacket $5.25

2 PC Nurses Uniform $7.25

Dry Cleaning Price List (tax not included):

Blouses $3.69

T-Shirts (Knit) $3.39

Shirts (Silk/Linen/Rayon) $4.19

Shirts (Cotton) $2.99

Cotton Pants/Jeans $3.99

Pants/Shorts $3.99

2 PC Suit (Men’s/Woman’s) $8.95

3 PC Suit (Men’s/Woman’s) $10

2 PC Suit (Dress w/ Jacket) $12

Sweaters $6

Dresses $8

Ties $3

Skirts $4.5