Housing Furnished Condos – Carpet Cleaning

Q:How do I schedule carpet cleaning?
A:Call DFC directly to schedule your carpet cleaning service at 214-789-2509. DFC will schedule the service for you with our professional cleaning team. It’s easy to schedule service and we only need 24 hours notice.

Q:Who is cleaning my apartment?
A:DFC team provides all of the vacant and occupied apartment carpet cleaning services throughout dallas and the metroplex.DFC team is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Q:How much does it cost?
A:1 Bedroom/Efficiency – $50.00
2 Bedroom- $65.00
3 Bedroom $85
Stairs = add $15 + tax

Q:How do I pay?
A:The day of the scheduled clean, you will leave a check made payable to DFC team.


The Day of The Clean:
DFC team will need to hook up their equipment to your kitchen sink; therefore, they need to be able to easily access your kitchen. Please make sure you clear all dishes away from the sink area. In addition,DFC will not move your furniture, therefore if you have items you want cleaned underneath, please move the furniture out of the way prior to the day of the scheduled clean (for example: coffee table).